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SUMMER - scented soy candle

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SUMMER - scented soy candle

the aroma of grass drying in the sun combined with a note of wild flowers

With what do you associate the scent of summer days? Close your eyes and imagine a morning in the bosom of nature… the aroma of grass drying in the sun combined with a subtle note of wild flowers with dew drops. A warm puff of wind heralding a hot and stifling day. The SUMMER candle with its aroma will take you to these sunny moments...

Our candles have a natural, undyed, cotton and linen wick, thanks to which the candle burns brightly and evenly, giving a pleasant and delicate light. Every candle is made by hand, paying particular attention to the highest quality of the product. Natural, ecological soy wax comes from plants not genetically modified, and thanks to that it is biodegradable, not toxic and free from any herbicides and pesticides. A burning soy candle generates 90% less black than a candle made of paraffin wax, which makes this product ecologically friendly and safe for your health. Additionally, the burn time is twice longer than in the case of typical paraffin candles, thanks to which our candles are more efficient and the atmosphere of natural aroma will accompany you for many hours. The product is enclosed in an aesthetic glass container. 

Why to choose soy candles?

- their efficiency is 50% greater than in the case of paraffin candles. It stems from the fact that the melting temperature of wax is lower, which in turn results in a longer burn time

- they do not contain toxins that influence people and the environment

- during burning they generate less carbon dioxide, they do not smoke

- they are practical – wax stains can be easily removed by means of warm water and soap

- they are made of natural, biodegradable, vegan soy wax

- they do not contain pesticides, herbicides, petroleum and petroleum products

- they are made from plants not genetically modified

- they were not tested on animals

- they do not contain artificial dyes 


When the candle is alight, take precautions by following the rules mentioned below:

- never place the burning candle near other heat sources, flammable materials or in a draught,

- the candle should be placed out of reach of children and pets,

- the area of melted wax should be free from any matches and other dirt so as to avoid lighting up of foreign materials,

- the glass container of the burning candle may be hot, do not touch and do not move it when the wick is burning,

- do not use any liquids to put out the candle.

Manufactured in Poland
in cooperation with 312 Handmade Soy Candles 

Composition: soy wax, essential oils

Manner of use: In order to fully experience the balsamic scent, burn the candle at least for one hour, so the aromatic fragrance from the melted soy wax can fill up the whole room. Remember to burn the candle no longer than 3 hours at one time. Trim the wick to 5 mm before each lighting.

Burn time: up to 25 hours

Volume: 120 ml